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After selling our home in late 2011, we spent a comfortable year at Hannah Village. We then decided to try a location closer to Beverly beaches. After a number of months, we realized that our needs were better served to Hannah. It's good to be back!


Hannah Village is a wonderful place to live. The apartments are very spacious with large walk-in closets. The bathroom also has a linen closet which is hard to find in most apartments. It is a very quiet community and you never hear the normal “living” noises that you usually hear in other places. In the winter, the snow removal team is fantastic. Walkways, parking areas and street areas are cleaned up completely.
There are assigned parking spaces so there is no scrambling for a spot if you happen to come home late. The buildings are also very secure with locked entries and intercoms. I have never felt unsafe here.
One of the best things about Hannah Village is the wonderful neighbors. It is a very friendly community.
The staff also does their utmost to keep tenants happy. I did move away for 1 year and was thrilled to return to Hannah Village. I am so glad to live here!


Live Your Life in Style in the Apartments at Hannah Village!